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‘Android Gardening Application’ is an intuitive android application that will help the user to plant the flowers or fruits on time. It is a reminder system that is quite helpful for people which reminds the user about when to do the irrigation on plants. Literally, this project is an amazing offline system which can be really useful for farmers daily life. As of now, people have less time to remember anything on a daily basis. And sometimes it can be difficult to manage and remember the plant’s information. So, using this system people can have easier browsing the plants in the application list.

Basically, this system is quite helpful for the students as this provides a demo for the beginners in android. As the system is the android application so it is developed in the android platform. This application is more compatible with the user’s device also as it is user-friendly. Besides, this project would be helpful for the beginner students where they can also submit in college using the features. The students of BTech, MCA, BCA, Engineering, Bs.CS, IT, Software engineering, etc. will find it helpful.

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  • Easy to use and understand as the project is for the beginners.
  • Animations & Transitions – Move widgets and transition between screens.
  • Fragment – A basic unit of composable UI.
  • Layout – Layout widgets using different algorithms.

Development Setup

The user requires the latest Android Studio 3.6 for the project to work. Besides, it should work on everything in between as well. Moreover, they can install an android studio or upgrade to the latest version to run the project smoothly. Users can also view other android projects also.

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