What is this report about?

This report “Profit And Farmer Satisfaction On Poultry Farming” has been made as a partial requirement for the fulfillment of the degree of Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA). The objective of this particular study has been proposed to measure the profit and level of farmer satisfaction with poultry farming of Kahun village. This study has been organized into three major parts.

Chapters Contents:

The first chapter deals with the introduction to this report (Profit And Farmer Satisfaction On Poultry Farming) study which includes the context information, purpose of the study, the significance of the study, literature survey, research methods used for data collection and analysis. The second chapter is devoted to analysis and presentation of data where we present the obtained information in the form of table and figure and thereafter we analyze the various aspects of the study. The third chapter is the conclusion and action implications. The data relevant to this study has been collected from primary sources using questionnaire method. The responses collected has been categorized, tabulated, and analyzed using data processing software like MS Word, MS Excel etc. The questionnaire was distributed to 50 respondents from Kahun village to obtain diverse data. The use of descriptive and analytical research design, that includes the prior formulation of a research question, methods of analysis of research, based on survey method which attempts to analyze opinion of farmers towards the poultry farming. With the result, it shows that majority of the respondents are satisfied towards poultry farming.

As the study was conducted in a small area considering not more than 50 respondents in a limited time period with the limited budget. Though the information is based on the respondents’ point of view, this study may not be representing the perspective from the side of other.

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