What is this report about?

The main aim of the study or report “Impact Of Social Networking Sites On Students” is to find the purpose of using social sites, finding the most popular sites among the students. Moreover, it deals with the factors that have resulted in the growth of social site’s user and its growing popularity among college students. It helps to know about the impact of social sites on academic and daily performance. The importance of this study is to know the usefulness and contribution of sites in student’s academic and daily activities.

Main Contents Of This Report “Impact Of Social Networking Sites On Students” 

This research is based on the primary as well as secondary data, primary data has been collected through questionnaire schedule and secondary data has been derived from the sources like books, articles, and internet. The sample of 30 students has been taken from the population of 240 students studying in PNC (BBA). For the analysis purpose, data has been shown through tables, pie charts, and bar graph. Qualitative and quantitative research has been carried out to access the opinion, behavior, and attitude of the students regarding social sites.

According to this study, social sites have been playing a vital role in keeping the people aware of the latest world updates. They are among the major medium of communication and source of knowledge and information.

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