This project “Library Management System In C Programming” is complete and totally-error free clean code. The main goal of this project is to add books, view books,  search books, edit books record and delete books within this system. It is named as “Library Management System”.

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What Can Be Done Within This System? (Library Management System In C Programming)

In this Library Management System, the user can add new books details, update that book details, view and manage books within that particular system, checks whether the details of the book are saved or not, can be used to view all the book list and also remove the details of the book if it’s no longer needed.

Library Management System In C Programming With Source Code

Library Management System In C Programming With Source Code

Lines Of Code (LOC): The source code of this “Library Management System” is about 700 lines. Also, it is username and password protected. The password to enter this system is “projectnotes” and username for this system is “” (all with lower case). Hence, this project is just like real Library Management software with all basic features. It doesn’t consist of high graphics, It is the simple one and users can understand very easily.


Password: projectnotes

Library Management System In C Programming With Source Code

Library Management System In C Programming With Source Code

Processing and Validation of “Library Management System In C Programming”

a. Book Id

Book Id should be unique. Either it is number values or characters ID must be unique so
that it becomes easy for you to know the identity of the book. If no books are added on
your file then you can use any unique numbers or alphabets and add further details about
the system.

b. Book Name
-When you type the name you must type only the alphabets not the numbers.
-If you type any numeric values it will display “Invalid character. Please enter again.”
-And the initial character must be in uppercase or they system might not perform

c. Publication

– The publication also requires alphabet only.
– It will generate an error if you enter or type any numbers, symbol, punctuation marks, etc.

d. Student Name
– The name goes just like the book name and publication. It accepts the characters or
– An error might be seen if you type the numbers, leave space or other symbols.

e. Student Address
– This message accepts the alphabets only.
-But it ignores the uppercase and lowercase.
-If you input the numeric values and other symbols it shows the invalidation.

f. Due Days
– It determines the day the student has taken the book from the library.
– Only numeric values are validating.
– The maximum days you are allowed to take the book are 15 days. So you must enter the
number from [1-15] days.
– If you type the numbers more than 15 it will show “You cannot take for more than 15
– Or it will successfully add your records.

g. Choice
-When the main menu screen is displayed, the menus up to 6 is given. There you can add,
search, view, delete, edit and close the application.
-If any keys or other values are clicked then it will not work or show the error.

h. Modify
-When we add the books it gives a message if you want to add more books giving two
options [Y, N]. After the information in the book is edited it asks if you want to update
the new records. The message to update is given by notifying to click the key ‘U’.

Download the whole file or code: 

You can download the whole source code for the”Library Management System In C Programming” from the link below:

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To Run this file you have to download dev c++ from HERE.

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