This is a complete and error-free “Quiz Game In C Programming” designed as a simple console application. In this project, a number of questions are asked, and the user is awarded the cash prize for each correct answer given.

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The source code is to be compiled in Code:: Blocks with GCC compiler. This Quiz Game In C Programming is not created to operate on the Turbo C variations. The source code for this mini project is around 1000 lines, so we didn’t wish to show it here. You can directly download the source code and application file from the link listed below.

In this test game, questions are selected in such a way that they cover all fields of a common quiz contest. The user’s basic knowledge is evaluated with test questions relating to science, technology, movies, sports, general health, geography and many more.

Functions Used In “Quiz Game In C Programming”

This project is divided into many functions, and some of the main functions are listed below to understand this project better for the users.

  • help()
  • edit_score()
  • show_record()
  • reset_score()
  • show_score()

About Stages

Of the rounds we stated above, the initial is called the Warm-up Round; the second is the Challenge round. In the workout round, the individual is asked an overall of three straightforward inquiries and they should have the ability to respond to at the very least 2 of them correctly to get in the following round. He is not allowed to proceed additionally if the user is not qualified of doing that.

In this quiz game in c programming, you can keep the customer name, see the highest score protected by a customer, or even reset the score. Additionally, to earn the game look a little more interesting, it is separated into two rounds; the user has to pass the first round to get to the 2nd one.

In the 2nd as well as a lot more fascinating round of this test video game in C, the user will be asked concerns continually, and for each and every right answer is given, they will gain $100,000!

When the customer’s cash prize stacks up to $1 million, the game finishes. For each concern asked, there are 4 options, particularly A, C, B and also D. There are no adverse markings, so the user’s accumulated cash loan won’t be deducted for incorrect answers to the concerns.

Output Screenshots

Quiz Game In C Programming

Quiz Game In C Programming

Quiz Game In C Programming

Quiz Game In C Programming

Quiz Game In C Programming

Download the whole file or code: 

You can download the whole source code for the”Quiz Game In C Programming” from the link below:

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To Run this file you have to download dev c++ from HERE.

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