Alerter Demo Application in Android With Source Code

Alerter Demo Application

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‘Alerter Demo Application’ is an intuitive android application that lets user have alert messages. Basically, this system is quite helpful for the students as this provides demo for the alert in android. As the system is the android application so it is developed in android platform. With simplicity in mind, the Alerter employs the builder pattern to facilitate easy integration into any application. Moreover, a customizable Alert view is dynamically added to the Decor View of the Window, overlaying all content. User can make alert in different layouts with different text in android application. They can use it in their own whether they want to have their alert message in default mode.  Or, in the customized way which is in coloured way.

Besides, the user can also use custom icon alert in the alert message and can also customize into text only alert as well. They can also perform on click alert with verbose alert within the android application. Instead, user can modify custom fonts and text appearance along with the progress bar and swipe to dismiss function. They  can also add buttons in the alert message. Besides, this project would be helpful for the final year students where they can also submit in college using the features. The students of BTech, MCA, BCA, Engineering, Bs.CS, IT, Software engineering, etc. will find it helpful.


  • The user can customize and make alert message in android application.
  • The system helps to integrate into any application as it provides builder pattern.

Development Setup

User requires the latest Android Studio 3.0 for the project to work. Besides, it should work on everything in between as well. Moreover, they can install android studio.  Or, upgrade to the latest version to run the project smoothly. User can also view other android projects also.

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