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‘Android Tip Calculator’ is an intuitive android application that lets the user perform basic calculations just like a calculator. Basically, this system is quite helpful for the students as this provides a demo for the beginners in android. As the system is the android application so it is developed in the android platform. Here, the user has to enter a base amount and a tip percentage. Then after that, the app will calculate the tip and total for the user. Besides, the system also implements a tip percentage animation and a footer to make the application more unique. Moreover, this application is a kind of basic calculator and can be helpful for the beginner student in android. Users can easily use the application as the system is user-friendly and easy to understand.

Besides, the user has to enter the base amount and tip percentage. After that, the application will calculate the tip and the total amount.  The system is user friendly. Moreover, the system has some of the styling and animations according to the tip percentage level. So, basically it is based on the user how much percent they want to give tip. Besides, this project would be helpful for the beginner students where they can also submit in college using the features. The students of BTech, MCA, BCA, Engineering, Bs.CS, IT, Software engineering, etc. will find it helpful.


  • Easy to use and understand as the project is for the beginners.
  • The application calculates the tip with the total amount with the given percentage and base amount.

Development Setup

The user requires the latest Android Studio 3.0 for the project to work. Besides, it should work on everything in between as well. Moreover, they can install an android studio or upgrade to the latest version to run the project smoothly. Users can also view other android projects also.

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