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About This Project

Beer Parlour Billing System ASP.NET is the simple Point of Sale system of a ‘Beer Parlour‘. A point of sale system, or POS, is the place where your consumer makes a settlement for services or products at your store. Simply put, every time a client makes a purchase at your store, they’re finishing a factor of sale deal. This system is about a liquor shop where the customer can buy.

Beer Parlour Billing System ASP.NET is an offline point of sale (POS) system that supplies stock management, customer management, and e-commerce within a collection, which is developed in ASP.NET. The option integrates with online markets to ensure that consumers can purchase items straight from in-store inventory. The user can add staffs, products, and their detail in a simple way. And it can track a customer’s purchase history, retail associates can optimize the shopping experience.

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Software Requirement:

Steps to Remember

  1. Download the file and unzip it.
  2. Check the software requirement mentioned above.
  3. Browse the file and open ‘.sln’ format file.
  4. Do not delete the database file ‘beer.mdb’.
  5. Now you can run the system easily in visual studio.
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