Blood Bank Management System

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Blood Bank Management System is a nice web-based application which is developed in Php platform. For developing a code, this PHP project will also provide tutorial and basic guidelines for the user. Moreover, the user can Download zip and edit as per their need as this project is open-source. The main aim of this project is to maintain all the information pertaining to blood donors, offering different blood groups available in each blood bank and help them manage in a better way.

Basically, this is an easy and fundamental level mini project for learning purposes. Besides, the user can also modify this scheme according to their requirements. For the backend of the system, the SQL server is used so that it will be easy to retrieve later.

Moreover, the system designs for store, process, compile, and analyze information concerned with the administrative and inventory management within a blood bank. It also provides transparency in this field, makes the process of obtaining blood from a blood bank hassle-free and corruption-free and makes the system of blood bank management effective. The admin or the user of the system must log in into the system first, then after that, they can perform various operations. Users can also download and look at other PHP projects as well.


  • Online transfer of blood from one blood bank to another.
  • Provide a list of Donors who are eligible for donations on a particular date with a contact number.
  • Inventory management in blood bank for storage and issuance of blood.
  • Camp wise Donor List and Printing of Donor Cards.
  • Patient Register/ Blood Sample Receiving Register, Donor Register, Blood Issue Register and Discarded Blood report.
  • Donor Management- Donor Registration, Managing donor database, recording their physical and medical statistics.

Brief Overview of the project:

Front end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Back end: PHP, MySQL

Software Requirement:

WAMP, XAMP (Any Local Server).

Admin Description:

Username: admin

Password: password

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