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Calculator System

Calculator System project is a free Python project platform-based desktop application. Basically, this python project includes a tutorial and a software development guide. This system is an open-source that allows the user to download and edit as per their need.

About the system:

Basically, this is a simple project developed using python. In addition, the system is made to calculate input numbers for any operations. Plus, it is also capable of handling some sort of exceptions. Hence, this is a cmd based project. The project file has a python script (calculator.py). Also, the project makes a convenient way for the user to gain an idea of how to perform numerical calculations.

Therefore, this source code will be helpful for students where they can submit in college as an assignment. Moreover, the students of BE, BTech, MCA, BCA, Engineering, Bs. CS, IT, Software Engineering are likely to use this system as an educational purpose. This console application works 100% smoothly without any bug. Besides, this project has no database i.e. back end of the system. This software code is useful for learners of the final year in academic projects. Besides, they can also extract the source code from the Zip file and can import it into pycharm.

How To Run The Project?

To run this project, you must have installed Python on your PC. After downloading the project, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Extract/Unzip the file

Step 2: Go inside the project folder, open cmd then type calculator.py and enter to start the system.


Step 2: Simply, double click the calculator.py file and you are ready to go.

The Calculator in Python with source code is free to download, Use for educational purposes only!

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