“Club Website Template With HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT” (Roila Youth Club”) is a project which has been completed by using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This is a sample website of a youth club. This website defines the detail information about the club and their activities done in the past. This website has a simple interference using simple colors and graphical content so that anybody can use it easily. The person who wants to register in the club they can join directly from the website by clicking sign up button. The user has to input their correct information to the registration form otherwise it displays an error message. New members are registering the club daily due to the easier way to fill up form in an online system, which saves time for visiting club office. The contact information is given on the website for the users.

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The program has purposed a new user-friendly interface by using CSS and JavaScript. CSS is used for the decoration of text, images, and divisions. The JavaScript is used for the image slider, create a custom object and for the validation of form fields. The events and activities are shown on a separate webpage so that the member can view their pictures and directly download from there. The slider on the homepage gives the upcoming events of the club. And the member can also be connected with the social networking sites like Viber, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more updates of the club.

Download the whole file or code: 

You can download the whole source code for the”Club Website Template With HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT” from the link below:

Download “Youth-Club-HTML-File.zip” Youth-Club-HTML-File.zip – Downloaded 273 times – 19 MB

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