E-commerce Application

E-commerce Application In Android is an android application which can be a great sample for the student project. Also, it can be practically useful for small businesses for small shops or online selling and buying products.

Furthermore, this project is actually for the learning purpose for the student. This project is available with source code here so the user can modify and add the required features as per their need. It can be a great example for the project of the student of different courses like B. It, B Tech, MCA, BCA, Software engineering, BSc IT. They can download it for free, make their own design taking hints and submit a project in their colleges or university projects.

This project (E-commerce Application In Android) has a simple interface design yet easily understandable. Making the shopping trend easier and in an accurate way, we have developed this concept. Trading through the mobile application is the key concept of this system. As we all know that nowadays there are smartphones in every individuals’ hand. So, in accordance with the time change and competence, this system can make a lot of effect on people’s busy life. Now you can shop from anywhere through the access of the internet in your device.

About Application

  • Developed in the android platform
  • Java programming language is used.
  • No database.
  • IDE for development is Android Studio.
  • It is a mobile application.

Features of Application

Retrieve furthermore store list of items what’s more categories from mock server. The mock server emulates and profit result information starting with a genuine living Flipkart server. Persistent capacity for shopping list things when the client ends those applications. Stacking and caching pictures from real Flipkart’s picture link from the help of Glide.

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