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About This Project

The online food ordering system has a lot of scopes and we can tap it as far as we can as everyone has access to an online ordering facility through the internet. This food order management system is a web-based application that is built on Php with CSS and js (javascript). And for the backend of the system, the SQL server has been used. (i.e. Database) so that it will be easy to retrieve later.

The system is basically for the users where they can add and also modify the orders. The users of the system include the customers where they can register initially with the minimum details and will be allowed to check the menu items before ordering them, adding them to the list and submit the order. The user of the system also includes employee/admin who will handle a number of users (i.e. Customers) and info related to the product addition. They are also responsible for updating the menu items. All the activities such as adding the items, ordering them, etc. will be recorded in the database for all the events. For the more secure system, the login system is integrated. The system also supports payment methods and generates a bill that will initially help users to pay for their ordered items.


  • Sign in and log in for the users
  • The system is admin controlled.
  • Displays food menus
  • Admin can change the food menus
  • Customers can add food in order and modify them
  • Integrate payment and provides the bill.

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Steps to Remember

  1. Download the file and unzip it.
  2. Start the XAMPP (localhost).
  3. Copy the unzipped file into xampp/htdocs.
  4. Open localhost/PHPMyAdmin on the browser.
  5. Now, create the database naming ‘food’.
  6. Go to the import section and select ‘food.sql’ from the database folder.
  7. After importing a database, select a new tab and open localhost/PN-FoodOrdering.
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