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Hextris (Game anyone would love…)

Hextris Game is a Tetris inspired game in the hexagonal form. This game is developed by HTML5 so that it can be played in most of the modern devices and browsers. Now you can play the game on your desktop as well as in your smartphones with simple two moves. The two moves are right and left arrow. This game is really addictive. Once you start playing this game, you will end loving this game.

How to play

In other words, it can be said it is a very challenging and fascinating game as well. Once the player starts the game, the color stack falls from 8 different directions as it is a hexagonal form game. In this way, the player must rotate the hexagon and stack the same color block in different hexagon sides. And after the three similar color blocks are piled up, the color blocks will disappear and you will score. Gradually, piling up a similar color block and lessen the hexagonal side will increase your score. Players should prevent stacking up the color blocks on the wrong side of the hexagon so you must be really careful.

Similarly, the user must rotate the hexagon fast and be quick so that they won’t place the color block in the different color side of the hexagon. As you keep scoring high score, the color tiles fall quicker so you must be quick too. Isn’t it a simple yet a conquering game? Play and keep on scoring…

This game can be categorized in Arcade game. Whenever you are feeling bored or you are in your leisure time, it’s the best way to kill your time and still be in a good mood. This game is publicly available to everyone with its source code so that they can modify or distribute it in a legal way.

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Features you will find in this game

  • Very quick puzzled game
  • Inspired from the Tetris and match-3 gameplay
  • Four color blocks i.e. green, blue, yellow and red
  • Hexagon spins by right and left arrow in the respective direction.
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