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Business Website Template is a web application which implements an HTML 5 framework. This system basically provides an HTML 5 website template tutorial and guide for developing code. It also consists of both the mini and major project on the web as it is a web-based application. Besides, Business Website Html repose good view in mobile, desktop and tablet as well.

The system is basically useful for the user as it has both the source code with the templates. This application concept and basic tutorial of apply template in projects. The development of these templates is by using HTML, CSS, and javascript. For the application development, user can import source code in Visual Studio 2010. This project is related to the website which is created using Instead, the Business website template is for BE, B Tech, MCA, BCA, Engineering, Bs Cs, IT and Software engineering students. Students who are in the final year may use these templates in their projects.  This application can be useful for those who believe ahead of a fresh type landing page. As these templates have multiple useful sections. This system uses no database, as it contains business templates which is not a back end of the system.

Different types of templates

The template that you will mostly find in this system is of three types. They are:

  • Bootstrap templates
  • HTML 5 templates
  • Web template

Features of HTML 5 Business Website Template

  • This project is linked to the website that is created using ASP.NET.
  • It is an offline project.
  • The project does not go online as the templates are downloaded.
  • This project has distinct menus that are necessary for a page which links to the company.
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