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About Project

Invoice Generator Application is a simple application which is developed using excel. The invoice is basically a bill that lists the complete amount due along with a breakdown of the brought products. However, these products will compare with another company. So, the companies will have to generate an invoice if they are planning to extend credit for their clients. The companies can simplify the process by using templates in Microsoft Excel.  Later, when it is time to create invoices to send to your client. The system is a web-based application that is built in Microsoft Excel for generating the invoices.

The system is basically a lovely invoice generating an application in Microsoft Excel.  In the current working directory of the application, it generates and saves PDF format for invoice copy. Similarly, for future editing in the current directory, it generates excel copy as well. Instead, it is a menu driven application which is truly professional style.

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Steps required:

  • For opening the “New Workbook” dialog box, load Microsoft Excel and press “File” and then “New”.
  • Scroll down to the section called “Microsoft Office Online” or similar, on the left side of the dialog box. To find a variety of invoices for the small business needs, click “Invoices”.
  • Sort through the available invoices- you have basic product invoices and forms to choose from, for special types of services. To show it in Excel spreadsheet file click one and “Download”.
  • In the invoice, fill in each field requiring a custom entry. This includes name and address of the company logo, formal name of payee to receive check payments, etc.
  • To save the fresh custom invoice model to a directory on the desktop, click “File” and “Save”.
  • Fill out various details in the invoice including a description of the products delivered and other required fields as well.
  • Finally, print the filed invoice to mail the client or convert it to PDF format.

Password: 123

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