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About Project

Laundry Booking and Management System is the system which performs most of the laundry activities and provides services on your door. This system is really useful for the company which wants the online booking laundry system. This system is developed using PHP programming language and database are handled through a MySQL database. The  system also provides source codes to the users. The user interface or the design of the system is very user-friendly. In such a way that user of any age group can easily understand the system function.

The activities include the creation of appointments for the laundry, gives services of specific laundry company, shows articles, schedule of users laundry, payment method and other. The profile page shows the laundry appointments in the calendar format of the present time. On the other hand, it tracks user activities through six different status. The client completes, confirms, reschedules, rejects, cancels the status and pending.

The second page is ‘Services’. The user has to provide their zip or postal code if they want the services at their place. User can select and set their language for convenience.

Provided services are:

  • Washing
  • Ironing
  • Wash and iron
  • Dry Cleaning

Note:  The company can customize the services according to their will.

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More Functions

This system is a well secured as well as admin based system where admin handles the activities of schedule and appointments. The admin has to login through email and password input. The user can do the payment through an online method like PayPal, Stripe, and PayU cash.

The page payment shows the payment details of the users and staff. Also shows the entry details which counts the number of payment per day. The laundry activities costs are calculated on this page according to the services the user use. Client name, Payment Method, Transaction ID, Payment details, Amount and Discount is shown in the payment page. The users can also choose the schedule type either it is daily, weekly or any other method.

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