Li-Fi stands for Light Fidelity. Li-Fi technology is light-based Wi-Fi technology, which uses light instead of radio signals to transmit data. Li-Fi used normal household LED bulbs to allow data transfer. LiFi permits for information to be transmitted through modulating the intensity of light, that is then obtained by using a photo-sensitive detector. The light sign is then demodulated into electronic form. This modulation is done in this type of way that it isn’t perceptible to the human eye. The application used for Li-Fi are limitless so anywhere if there are LED bulbs there can be the data. This technology takes the world internet into the next level so most of the scientist and developer are studying more about this Li-Fi Technology.
This report gives all the information about the LiFi technology. This report include history of Li-Fi, how it works, advantage and disadvantages, uses in various areas and how it is different from other transmitting media.
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