“Lorry Rental System Report on OOP” is a type of system in which a customer, employee and manager are the actors. A customer goes to the office for rent a lorry. First of all the customer login to the system. Then the customer search for the lorry of their choice. After searching the lorry the customer select for the reservation. Then the customer make a payment to the employee which contains insurance system, without insurance the customer cannot rent a lorry. The employee take payment, take detail of customer, insurance detail and lorry number. Then the employee maintain the information of lorry and update it. Now the employee take the daily report and generate bill. A manager is there to make a monthly report by analyzing the daily report of the employee. In this system there are Objects, Classes, Methods and Attributes which are described as follows.

Objects used in Lorry Rental System Report on OOP

Objects are the things that you think first in designing a program, they are the units of codes. Objects have
their state and behavior.

Classes Lorry Rental System Report on OOP

Classes are the template for defining like objects, every objects are built from class. It is a set of instruction
for development of specific type of object. Definite objects are developed from definite classes.

Attributes Lorry Rental System Report on OOP

Attributes helps to store the data of that objects of a class. They are as follows:
  • Customer name
  • Customer Id
  • Lorry model
  • Lorry color
  • Lorry number
  • Manufacture year
Methods are the behavior that are shown by the objects. It includes the extra information of object in a class. Method is the execution of an operation. If restrictions are specified, the approach should please them.
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