Menu Information System in Java is a GUI based java application which is developed for a restaurant using Netbeans IDE application. This is our group coursework in which we are four members. We divided the works into four-part. That makes easier to finish our coursework on time. This application helps restaurant staffs to add and browse menu items and their details. Which reduce time consumption of staffs and other members of the restaurant. A simple GUI table in the application shows the records that the staffs have added the menu details.

 some requirements for development of the menu information system listed as below.

i. Add menu details using TextField into the system with proper validation
ii. A simple table is used to display the menu details
iii. 5 category are made to for the menu items (Lamb, Chicken, Pork, Vegetable, Buff)
iv. Spiciness can be selected through Radio Button
v. The Items can be searched from a combo box.
vi. File and Menu items are added in the menu bar.
vii. Clear Details and Exit Buttons are added
The  interface of the program is like as follows:
  Menu Details     Meni Index
This report includes the method description, explanation of binary search algorithm and testing of the program. This coursework is done from Netbeans using components from the palette for GUI based application. We have used a table, text fields, radio button, buttons, combo box, panel and menu items.

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