Javascript, commonly abbreviated as JS, is a high-level, analyzed programming language that complies with the ECMAScript spec. It is a programming language that is identified as vibrant, weakly typed, prototype-based and also multi-paradigm.

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About This Project

MindGame in JavaScript is the simple web-based game developed using javascript as a major and also HTML and CSS. This program will teach you how to create a mind game like quiz, making use of HTML as well as javascript. Basically, this Mind Game is a quiz type game utilizing a set of combined questions and answers put on code with their possibilities of getting correct answers.

To run this project, we recommend you utilize Modern web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox. However, the project does not support Explorer/Microsoft Edge. Mind Game in JavaScript With Source Code is free to download, utilize for educational objectives only.

You can also download,

How to Run??

  • Download the zip file from the website.
  • Extract the Main file.
  • Open rtw.html file.

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