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About Game

Minesweeper Game is basically a single-player online puzzle game. The goal of the sport is to clear an oblong board with concealed “mines” or bombs without detonating any of them, with hints on the variety of adjacent mines in each topic. This system is a web-based application that is built-in JavaScript.

This system is basically a remake of the past recreation. Besides, there are emoji around the participant board on this sports system. But it also includes the emoji bomb or mines, which is much like the last one. This full recreation or challenge uses JavaScript and HTML5 as well as some CSS to make it look amazing. This involves the option of uncovering tiles, flag tiles and auto uncover tiles (when enough flags are present in the region). Furthermore, there are animations such as the transitions, animation clicking as well as a victory screen.

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Rule of the game

  • The game’s objective is to discover all the mines on the board.
  • By clicking on the cells, you find mines, if you discover a mine you lose.
  • If you uncover a cell without mine, it will show the number of mines around the cell.
  • By right-clicking, you can flag a field.
  • You win the match if you can show all the cells that are not a mine or flag all the cells that are mine.

To run this project, we recommend you to utilize Modern web browsers such as Google ChromeMozilla Firefox. The project does not support Explorer/Microsoft Edge. This Project is free to download, utilize for educational purpose only.

 For the Project Demo and Installation on your Device, You can Look at the Video Below:

How to play

  • To step on a spot click left.
  • Right-click to mark a spot as a bomb.
  • Double click to open all 8 neighboring target spots (except those already marked with right-clicks as bombs).
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