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About Project

Bus Booking System In Php is the system developed using PHP programming language and SQL database. This system allows the user to book or reserve the required seats of the particular available bus. In other words, the availability of the buses and the seats in certain routes are all managed by the owners or admin according to need. So, this system is user-friendly which means it has a simple yet elegant interface.

The home page has menus displayed from where the customers can do the booking and reservations. The menus from where the record can be added to customers, booking, buses, seats, availability, and routes.

It is a well-developed system with proper validation. For instance- one very customer is not allowed to do the reservation twice at the same time. Similarly, the owner of some company or admin handles the availability of the seats and buses. Users can do the booking or reservation of the available seats of available buses only. So these functions really help to solve the problems of the redundancy of the booking.

So, all the addition and deletion of the reservation of customers is done with proper validations. Therefore, the system runs smoothly. And the system shows the daily booking or reservation details of the present day.

Another great functionality of this system is that the users can print out the paper document of the booking and show to the agent in any exceptional cases. Not only by the users, admin and owner also can print out the database collection of the new record.

Steps for System Installation

  • Download the file and unzip.
  • Make sure to run the XAMPP.
  • Copy and paste the unzipped file in folder xampp/htdocs in C drive.
  • Open any server and type localhost/phpmyadmin/ in the browser.
  • Create a database with “bus booking”.
  • Import the database file from the INSTALL folder. (Extension is .sql)
  • After importing, open a new tab and do localhost/busbookingtrial.

The login access method for Admin

Username: admin

Password: admin

For the Project Demo and Installation on your Device, You can Look at the Video Below:

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