Online Clinic Management System In PHP With Source Code

This project “Online Clinic Management System In PHP ” is complete and totally-error free clean code. Online Clinic Management System is based on the Hospital Management System. For instance, the first and only clinic management system which full fills all needs in the clinical management field and all things like managing the reception printing the prescription, patient record, etc.

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What is this system about? (Online Clinic Management System In PHP)

This online clinic management system was developed from PHP, Javascript, HTML, Jquery, CSS and so on. Moreover, this is a simple clinic app to help doctors to make appointments and the patient to records their details. This project can be run in localhost by making a database “ocms”. However, the tables are created automatically by the internal function.

This software gives you perception in your hospital pastime and maintains historical data of every single patient. Above all, you could keep patient’s information about encompass tobacco utilization, alcohol intake, surgical and obstetric records, and genetic diseases. In other words, it is smooth to apply and makes you emerge as more organized.

In conclusion, this project is not password protected so that, it means this source can be used by any students for their projects. Hence, this project is just like the real hospital management system with all basic features. In addition, this consists of low graphics. Therefore, this system is a simple one and users can understand very easily.

Steps to Remember:

  • Create a database “ocms” in phpmyadmin
  • Then open your project from localhost/ocms
  • Username: projectnotes
  • Password: projectnotes


Download Source Code (Online Clinic Management System In PHP)

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20 Responses

  1. lak says:

    no databse please upload

  2. Edward says:

    what is the password and username

  3. debora rojas says:

    where is the DB and the admin password?


    • Projectnotes says:

      Create a database named as “ocms” in your phpmyadmin. No need to create tables.
      Username: projectnotes
      Password: projectnotes

  4. Rashid says:

    Thank you very much. Mine worked successfully.

  5. Syed says:

    Can I import this application in visual studio?

  6. ike says:

    can i edit the code? thankyou?

  7. Emmanuel says:

    How long does it take for tables to be created

  8. hagos says:

    i need the password and user name and the database for this project

  9. Aishwarya lod says:

    Can u send me data flow diagram

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