Generally, Address Book is a book that holds some attributes of the person or thing. Similarly, this address book system is of the same kind. That is, we develop this simple system using PHP and MySQL database. However, it is far better than the traditional one. It gives you way more accuracy in holding the details of a person. So talking about this system, it helps you a lot for the reference in doing your college projects. Basically, in the address book you can add a person’s name, contact details, address, and emails.

Likewise, this system is a web-based system address book that is o simple. The system is so smooth that anyone can understand how it works. The major function of this system is that you can search the details in an easy way. In addition, other functions like adding, editing, and deleting information are easier too.

Functions of Address Book System

Firstly, when you initiate the system, you will see the home page. On the right corner, you will see a button that clearly says, “Add New Contact.” Then from the page, the next page will redirect to Add New Contact Page. On this page, you will be able to add all the details of the person. The details include first, middle and last name, email id, address, and contact numbers. And, you can upload images as well. Finally, you can click the ‘SUBMIT’ button to save all the details.

The details that you add are shown on the first page with the name and picture. Furthermore, you can see the other three buttons on the right side of the person’s name. And, they are View, Edit, and Delete. When you tap on the image or name, you will be able to see all the details. In the same way, you can edit the details if you got to change some details and do updates. Besides, the Delete button will help you to delete unnecessary information.

Things to remember

  • First, you need to install the Xampp in your device and start.
  • Then, you import all the databases from folders.
  • And, run the system.

In contrast, this is such a simple system that we are providing with you all the guidelines. The system with all the codes and tutorials will be a lot easier in doing your work. Furthermore, you can modify and make a better address book system from this.

Simple Address book System in PHP

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