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Simple Bank Management System is a nice console-based application that is built-in python. Basically, this system contains a python script ( and a database file in the project file. This system is a simple console-based system so it is very easy to comprehend and use. Talking about the system, it includes all the fundamental features required in a bank. There is no login system as this is a mini project. Besides, this means the user can use all those available features easily without any restrictions. It’s too simple to use, the user can inspect the records of total bank account easily.

Basically, this system also provides the simplest management of bank account and transaction. In brief, the main focus of these initiatives is based on CRUD. In this mini-project,  for saving a user data continuously, it uses an internal database connection file.

The user must have Python installed on the PC to operate the project. This is a simple Console Based System, written specifically for the beginners.

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Fundamental Features:

  • Create a new account and view account holders record.
  • Withdraws and deposit amount with the balance inquiry.
  • Closing an account and edit account details.
  • User can create an account by providing the name of the account holder, number, etc.
  • User can select the amount type (Saving or Current account).
  • They can also provide an initial amount more than or equal to 500.
  • He/She can modify their account detail and type if they want to.

How to Run:

  • You need to install python first
  • Download project.
  • Extract project.
  • Double click in
  • Project is run.
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