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About This Project

Simple Calculator is made by using react-native. This project shows how the source code can be architectured to run on multiple devices. As of now, it is able to run as:

  • iOS & Android Apps (based on react-native)
  • a Desktop App based on NW or based on Electron
  • a Website App in any browser (based on react)


This project uses libraries and tools like:

  • es6 syntax and babel
  • react for the Website App and Desktop App,
  • react-native for the iOS & Android Apps
  • NW to package the Desktop App
  • Electron to package the Desktop App
  • flux to organize the data flow management
  • css-loader to integrate the styles in the builds
  • grunt to create the builds
  • webpack to help during the development phase with hot reloading

How to build/run the projects

General requirements before running any specific project

  • npm install to install all the dependencies, React and React Native among others.

Some builds from npm included bugs while npm install. So if you are using a npm version within the range form 3.3.10 to 3.6.0 included, you must run npm install twice. Those versions including npm v3.3.12 are the ones bundled by default with node from version v5.1.0 to v5.5.0.

  • npm install npm
  • npm install npm run it twice, because of the packages won’t be installed after the first run #10985


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