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The chat application system is nowadays a new way of communicating with people. It basically consists of people or a group of individuals who exchange messages on the internet on a regular basis. They exchange particularly with those who share an interest. This simple chat system in PHP is a web-based application that is built on PHP MySQL Ajax. For the back-end of the system, the SQL server is used so that it will be easy for retrieving later. It is just like the messenger where a single user can chat with other users. Moreover, multiple users can chat in a group as well. The system also automatically updates the chats.

The system is basically a simple chat system for the users who share an interest in exchanging messages. It will also be helpful for those users who share messages with more groups of people also. The system consists of two sections i.e. Admin and users. The users of the system are the regular people where they can log in into the system. Instead, they will be allowed to exchange messages between themselves. Also, they can exchange with a group of peoples according to their interests.

However, this system will be more useful for the users as they can join in the group chat also. The system also has an admin where they can add and delete a user. Moreover, the system also helps users to look for other users who are active or online and offline as well. All these activities are stored with the creation of the database chat and import the SQL file in the database.


  • Login for the users
  • Admin controls the system.
  • Admin can add and delete a user.
  • Users can exchange messages with other multiple users.

Framework Used:

Dreamweaver, Brackets, Wamp, XAMPP (Any local server)

User Description:

Username: joey

Password: password

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