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About This Project

Dice Roll game with a python programming language is easy to make and implement. And this is a very simple program where users can play and make the game easier. So, Dice Roll game is a python programming language game where a random number is used. And using python as a programming language, you can easily build command line games.

When the program runs, it will randomly choose a number between 1 and 6. The program will print what that number is. It will then ask you if you’d like to roll again. You need to enter ‘Yes’ or ‘y’ to continue. The input is case-insensitive. Typing ‘No’ or ‘n’ will quit this program. Validation is added for all other inputs.


  • You should install python 2.0 or above version to run this game.
  • And You should install any kind of IDE you are comfortable with python.
  • So, I recommend you to use a jupyter notebook or pycharm edu.
  • And you have to install time and random libraries.
  • So, install all the required library.
  • Run the program to get the expected result.

Technologies used

  • Python 2
  • Sublime
  • Jupyter
  • Anaconda

Libraries used

  • time
  • and random

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