Simple Home Design in HTML

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Simple Home Design project a front-end web application which is developed in HTML CSS and JS platform.  However, the project is responsive to mobile devices. In addition, the HTML, CSS and JS project with tutorial and guide for developing code.  Plus, the purpose of this project is to get a concept regarding the front-end. However, the project is user-friendly and attractive in which the user can modify the layout regarding their needs. Thus, there is no database as a back-end of the project.

Basically, the project includes the GYM Workout front-end concept. Also, the website looks refine with a good division of the section. Moreover, the website includes refining user-friendly layout which is attractive and responsive. Also, the website consists of all the requirements need for Home Design with a responsive section.

Features of Home Design Website

  • The website includes all the requirements need like information, designs, designers and a contact form.
  • User-friendly and responsive.

How to run the project

  • Download the zip file from the below download button
  • Extract the zip file and open the index.html.
  • Scroll down to see the whole page.
  • Click on the nav item on the navbar or the “.” on the side of the page to scroll directly.

Hence, this source code is useful for people who show their interest in front-end website development. It is designed on a single page and uses for a company or shop information for a small or huge market. Users can also download other HTML projects.

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