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Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level program language with vibrant semiotics. It’s top-level built-in information frameworks, combined with vibrant keying and vibrant binding, make it really eye-catching for Rapid Application Development, in addition to for use as a scripting or glue language to attach existing elements together. Python’s simple, simple to find out syntax emphasizes readability as well as for that reason minimizes the price of program upkeep. Python sustains modules and bundles, which encourages program modularity as well as code reuse. The Python interpreter and also the substantial conventional library is readily available in resource or binary kind without cost for all major systems and can be easily distributed.

About This Project

The simple Ludo Game project is written in Python. The job data contains python manuscripts (,,, This is a simple console-based approach parlor game which is extremely understandable and makes use of. Speaking about the gameplay, all the playing regulations coincide similar to what we play in real-time ludo. Below initially, the individual needs to select players i.e either human or computer systems. After selecting human, the gamer needs to go into details such as name and pick shade(red, green, yellow as well as blue). the player can likewise begin the game within two players if he/she desires.

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How to Run?

  • Download the zip file from the website.
  • Install Python on your Pc.
  • Install Pycharm edu on your Pc.
  • Extract the Main file.
  • Open Pycharm edu.
  • Open the Unzipped project from the located folder.
  • The project will load on Pycharm.
  • Sometimes, it asks to import the library.
  • Import all required library.
  • then, Run the Project.

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