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MD5 is a type of algorithm that is known as a cryptographic hash algorithm. MD5 produces a hash value in a hexadecimal format. This competes with other designs where hash functions take in a certain piece of data, and change it to provide a key or value that can be used in place of the original value. With the development of various hash algorithms, experts have noted that engineers found MD5 to have serious weaknesses in terms of not being “collision resistant.”

About This Project

Simple Register With md5 is developed using PHP and MySQL. This Project is mainly based on security where the password is made hidden using md5 technology. This code can encrypt the user password information when the checkbox is checked. The code uses a special PHP built-in function md5() a very strong encrypting tool that encrypts the user password by just passing a string as a parameter. This Project is using PHP as a scripting language and interpreter that is used primarily on any web server including Xampp, Wamp, etc. It is being used to any famous websites and it has a modern technology that can easily be used by the next generation.

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Steps to Remember

  1. Download the file and unzip it.
  2. Start the XAMPP (localhost).
  3. Copy the unzipped file into xampp/htdocs.
  4. Open localhost/phpmyadmin on the browser.
  5. Now, create the database naming ‘db_reg_md5’.
  6. Go to the import section and select ‘db_reg_md5.sql’.
  7. After importing database, select a new tab and open localhost/PN-RegisterPhp.
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