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About This Project

Remind Me is an Android App, created using the Android Studio IDE. It is basically a Reminder App which asks for the content of the Reminder that the user wants to put up, whether the user wants the notification to repeat(update) after a certain time or not and also how long the user wants the Reminder to stay in their notifications. On clicking the “Set Reminder” button, the reminder is set as a notification and appears in the notification panel along with the time at which the reminder is to be updated next(if given by the user) and the deadline for the reminder.


  • Multiple Reminders can be set using the app at a time and can be viewed in the notification panel. The notifications have been given a high priority so that they will always appear on top of all notifications and also appear if the phone is locked.
  • To Delete the reminder all you have to do is just swipe right/left to remove the notification.
  • The .apk file of the app is along with this README. Just install the .apk file to use the app.
  • The demo video of the app is available here

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