Simple Text Editor

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About This Project

Simple Text Editor System is a simple mini C # language software program. Basically, in this application, users can create text documents easily. Also, the system allows users greater flexibility while editing text files or documents. Talking about the system, it is all about editing and creating text documents. Thus, users can use features like the selection of fonts, font-weight, and menu toolbar. Plus, the user can also highlight the text using the color format or directly select the texts and can colorize them. Moreover, the user can even perform the word search. Thus, this allows the user to take control of spelling mistakes in the paragraphs. User can also quote favorite lines by using the comment like the symbol from the menu bar.

The whole system is made in Visual Studio. C# programming language validates the whole program. To run this project you need to have Visual Studio in your system installed. Then after that, you can run the solution file from the project folder. Once you open the solution, build the project for error and hence run the program. For the data, they are stored in a CSV file.

The students of BTech, MCA, BCA, Engineering, B.Scs, IT, Software Engineering, etc. will find it helpful. Moreover, this application works smoothly without any bug. Users can also search for the other C sharp and .NET projects.

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