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Space Invaders game is an arcade video game which was first released in 1978. Here, a player basically controls a cannon. The basic concept is that the player is about to save the Earth from the invasion of evil space invaders. This system is a remake of the space invader phaser that is built on HTML. It is also built on JavaScript (i.e. require.js) for the desktops.  Besides, require.js breaks up the code into modules. These modules are in assets/ JavaScript.

This system basically consists of the players where they control the canons. The controllers for canons in the game are the left and right Arrow key and the space bar. Besides, the user is provided with 3 lives also.

To run this project, we recommend you to utilize Modern web browsers such as Google ChromeMozilla Firefox. The project does not support Explorer/Microsoft Edge. This Project is free to download, utilize for educational purpose only.

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  • Each of the players is provided with 3 lives.
  • Level lasts until avatar or all aliens are destroyed or if any of the aliens invade.
  • After the player lost the provided lives, the game ends.
  • Players earn points based on the destructed alien types.

In this game, enemies sometimes drop power-ups that offer the player skills, including a shield that protects against a single hit, fast fire, and a unique weapon. In addition, the role of the UFO in the classic Space Invaders flying along the top of the screen extends to include a mini-boss, needing 3 hits to kill the player and fire a laser.

Known Issue: The game creates fresh DOM (Document Object Model) nodes in every fresh play state which is after the end state.

The Cause: A fresh text in each cycle is created for demonstrating the score, instead it ruins the texts which never succeeded.

 For the Project Demo and Installation on your Device and You can Look at the Video Below:

How to Run??

  • Download the zip file from the website.
  • Extract the Main file.
  • Open Index.html file.
  • To edit the file Open the files in text editor and edit as per your requirement.
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