Project: Text to Speech In JavaScript With Source Code

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This application is a simple project developed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It’s a simple mini-project. This project helps to automatically convert text to speech. It’s magical, you can type your favorite words and listen with different accents.

About the Project

The Text-to-Speech Project is a simple language generation project that is easily available in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Users can improve their pronunciation skills with this program. You need to type a word in the text box that appears and click the Speak button to hear the pronunciation of the word you typed. The project also contains a lot of JavaScript to validate specific parts of the project.

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How does this project run?

You don’t need a local server to run this project, but you do need a browser. We recommend using the latest browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to improve performance. To run the project, first, click the index.html file to open the project in your browser. Text-to-speech JavaScript with source code is free to download and can only be used for educational purposes.