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Tic Tac Toe game itself is very simple, but the programming concept is not. This system is a web-based application that is built-in JavaScript. The computer must acknowledge the player’s movements and behave accordingly using a MiniMax algorithm to the player’s approach. For storing all the activities database (i.e. SQL server) is created at the back end of the system.

The game basically shows board which consists of nine squares. Each of these squares has an index number starting at the top left corner and ending at the bottom correct corner with the number 0. The game rule has 2 players, a human player, and a computer (AI) player. The human player marks O sign if they give a chance to choose the start over to computer player. But if the human player chooses himself for the start over then it marks as X sign. And the computer player will sign as O respectively. The computer player responses moving of the human player until the board is fulfilling. Besides, AI will choose a winner by the combination of index numbers.

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  • The game has 2 players
  • AI player of the game has empty indexes being intelligentially checked.
  • Human player can also make their movement according to their choice as they are given to choose.

The second intelligence in the game, it will break the opponent’s move in an attempt to finish the mix of index numbers. The AI player is not permitted to dominate any human player movements based on the philosophy. Instead, it implies that the AI player has few chances of winning from a human player. Maybe it’s going to be classified as an easy game.

To run this project, we recommend you to utilize Modern web browsers such as Google ChromeMozilla Firefox. The project does not support Explorer/Microsoft Edge. This Project is free to download, utilize for educational purpose only.

 For the Project Demo and Installation on your Device and You can Look at the Video Below:

How to Run??

  • Download the zip file from the website.
  • Extract the Main file.
  • Open Index.html file.
  • To edit the file Open the files in text editor and edit as per your requirement.
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