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About Project

Tower Platformer is basically an HTML 5 rotating- tower platform game inspired by the old c64 game “Nebulus”.  The goal of this game is basically to reach the top of the tower with the highest coin collection. This system is a web-based application that is built in JavaScript.

This game is basically a remake of the old game named Nebulus. The game is 100 % client-side JavaScript, HTML and CSS. It should work in any modern browser with canvas support. The main goal is to reach on the top of the tower with the highest collection of coins. Besides, it also should use an FSM to manage player state (Standing/left/right/falling/climbing/hurt, etc.). The game allows monsters to overlap (make cell monster an array instead of a single object). However, it also uses images for tower gradient and platforms (instead of raw ctx stroke/ fill calls). Besides, there is a tiny gap in ground rendering in FF/IE where the image wraps. Furthermore, there are direction-agnostic monster sprites.


  • Game menu
  • Multiple levels
  • Level exit
  • Dissolving platforms
  • Shortcut doors
  • Elevators
  • Countdown Timer
  • Sound fix and music
  • Mobile touch support

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How it works:

At its core, it’s just slightly more complex version than earlier tiny Platformer, with some changes:

  • The 2D map is rendered as a (simulated) 3D tower.
  • The 2D map must be wrapped horizontally.
  • Entities are larger than a single cell.
  • Makes the collision detection more complex.
  • Real animated sprites rather than plain rectangles.

The biggest changes are in the renderer and collision detection.

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