Easy Trip Planner

‘Easy Trip Planner’ is an android application that records the trips that you have planned or simply it is a trip scheduled recorder. It is a system that works as a reminder about your saved trips. Literally, this project is an amazing offline system which can be really useful in people’s daily lifestyle. As we know that, these days people life is much busier where each second of individual counts. And sometimes it can be quiet difficult to manage and remember every running task. In addition, if people set and save their planned events ahead in this system which reminds them of their planned time, life would be easier in some aspects. With the aim to make the people’s life in a planned and managed way, therefore Easy Trip Planner was developed.

The function of the system

  • This system should give a reminder when the set time reach.
  • It should navigate the location (source and destination).
  • This system must be able to keep the multiple occurred and remaining trips.
  • Internal Structure (Developer Aspects)

This is an android based application which is developed using Java programming language. Similarly, to handle all the back end programs and data storage SQLite database is used. It is developed in Android Studio 3.3.2 IDE. We have worked with Google Maps API which navigates the location of the user and destination places. It is a totally user-based system.

How the system works

  • First of all, the user must sign up. They can do the sign up through all the signup process or simply can sign up through their Facebook account.
  • After the successful signup and login process, the home page will open.
  • After that, they can add their trip details step by step.
  • They can start by giving their location i.e. from where the trip starts and the destination location, date and time and choosing the trip type.
  • There are two types of trips, they are around and single trips. In the round trip, the user adds the back trip time details too. And a single trip is about going to details only.
  • Then they can save their trip and also users can add notes on their trip i.e. some text.
  • When the set time occurs, a pop-up box with the name of the trip opens and starts the trip. The user can cancel the reminder or snooze it for some time later.
  • When the user starts the trip, their location with a destination is shown on the map.
  • And when the trip ends, the details or the trip will go to history.
  • User details are in the side navigation drawer.
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