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AI Game BattleCity is developed through HTML, CSS and the function using JS. It is a classic tank world wide famous game application with AI which many user especially children play. This project is simple and benefits in for teaching purpose which gives a good concept regarding JS. Plus, the user can modify the game scheme according to their requirements. The game is light, thus there is no database as a backend of the system.

Basically, the game is about protecting headquarters from enemies attack. Besides, the user can protect the headquarters from enemies by firing a missile. Also, the key function for it’s is spacebar for movement the arrow key.  Thus, the games include certain stages where the user can advance to another stage by completing a stage.  Also, the game includes single and multiplayer. In a single-player, the user should play with the computer(AI) player. If user defeat to protect headquarter the game is ended with the game over. Besides, the user gets the point as an enemy kill. Also,  in this game, certain icons appear which has benefit for user to kill the enemy by freezing the enemy and also destructing the enemy automatically.

Features of AI Game BattleCity

  • The game includes both single and multiplayer
  • The GUI is user-friendly
  • Game Transition is smooth

How to run the game

  • Download the zip file from the below download button
  • Extract the zip file and open the index.html.
  • Enjoy the game 😀

This source code is useful for people who are interested in the game as web development through HTML, CSS, and JS.

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