Javascript Snake Game With Source Code

This Javascript Snake Game is a single-player video game Here, the gamer needs to control the square-shaped box (termed as a snake) on a surrounded plane. Rather than other snake games, the main objective of this snake video game is to leave from the round dot balls in order to survive. And as it moves on to get away from the dot balls, it leaves a trail behind. The lifespan of the snake reduces when it strikes with the round dot balls. For this reason, the gamer loses when the lifespan of the snake becomes zero. The game score depends upon the variety of times the snake leaves from the dot balls.

Game Development Process

This Snake game is just established using HTML and JavaScript. The PC controls of this video game are also basic. You just need to use the arrow secrets of the keyboard for moving the snake in various directions. The game is on till you save the snake from the round dot balls. The game score and lifespan left are revealed at the top. All the gaming function is set from Javascript whereas HTML is set for the layouts and other minor functions.

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How to run the Javascript Snake Game

To run this project, we recommend using modern-day web browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The game likewise supports Explorer/Microsoft Edge. Javascript Snake Game with source code is free to download, utilize for academic purposes only.


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