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Online attendance system is based on a student attendance with an institute by a faculty member. It has been created in PHP platform with CSS style sheets as well as JavaScript is implemented.  The system is basically for school/college faculty to take student attendance online. In this project, all the features is been handled by faculty member or lecturer of the institute or college.

About This Project

The project is meant to create an advanced attendance taking system to help teachers, students and college administration by automating the entire process. It is designed keeping scalability and code- reusability in mind, which means that the same project can be altered by changing few variables to get desired results. Furthermore, there’s scope of adding more functionality without disturbing any of the existing one. This is made possible by using Object Oriented Programming, a Modular for designing web service, and following large parts of MVC model. This allows us to extend the project to mobile applications and other environments.

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Steps to Remember

  1. Download the file and unzip it.
  2. Start the XAMPP (localhost).
  3. Copy the unzipped file into xampp/htdocs.
  4. Open localhost/phpmyadmin on the browser.
  5. Now, create the database naming ‘attendance’.
  6. Go to the import section and select ‘attendance.sql’.
  7. After importing database, select a new tab and open localhost/Attendace-System-master

Download “Online Attendance System In PHP With Source Code”,

Download “Attendance-System-master.zip” Attendance-System-master.zip – Downloaded 663 times – 232 KB